Superman's Upcoming Comic Explores Who That Second Clark Kent Is

Perhaps Clark Kent isn't so mild mannered after all.


Who is Clark Kent? Pretty much everyone knows Clark Kent is Superman and vice versa. Recently, as shown in the video above, things became a little more complicated. Superman died, but the Superman from the previous timeline/continuity has been living in this world with his wife Lois Lane and their son Jon. A full explanation on that can be found here. This Superman has stepped out of the shadows to fill the heroic role left empty by the other Superman. It sounds confusing, but that's just the start. Clark Kent has recently shown up. This one is completely human and is definitely not the Man of Steel.

Who he is and where he came from is going to be answered in the next arc in Action Comics, "Mild Mannered." Superman is about to turn his attention to finding out who Clark is and whether or not he poses a threat.

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When this Earth's Lois Lane died after gaining superpowers during the death of Superman, the slightly older Lois from the previous continuity decided to try to tie up any of the deceased Lois' loose ends. She went to the Daily Planet and was relieved no one really noticed a difference. Using the deceased Lois' apartment to access her computer, she took her son along with her. When Clark showed up at the apartment last issue, she had to create a cover story that Jon was her cousin's kid. This Clark is starting to get suspicious. He knows Lois is keeping something from him, and he could cause problems if he continues to push things.

Adding to Superman's problems, Lois has decided to go undercover to try to break a story. He's also about to find out that this Earth's Lana Lang, who also gained superpowers with the other Lois, is dying as well.

Action Comics #973 is written by Dan Jurgens with art by Patrick Zircher and Stephen Segovia. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, February 8, in stores and online.

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