Superhot Xbox One Release Date Announced



Superhot, the first-person shooter where time only moves when you do, will be available on Xbox One from May 3, developer Superhot Team has announced.

The game was originally conceived during the 7 Day FPS game jam. A prototype for the unique shooter meets puzzle game experience was made available for free, and is still playable here. A Kickstarter campaign for a more fleshed out version began in 2014 and raised over $250,000. It was released on PC and PlayStation 4 in February.

Following its release, Superhot Team confirmed an Xbox One version was in the works, along with a virtual reality port of the game.

"We are constantly working on the Xbox One version of Superhot and doing secretive work on a bunch of grand VR plans," the studio said. "We can't tell you too much but Superhot in VR is going to be fun, oooh so much fun."

It is unclear whether the VR version will be available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR, or exclusive to one of them.

GameSpot's Superhot review awarded it an 8/10, and described it as a "clever game with deep, hidden elements that require committed and thorough examination."

"While the core gameplay didn't evolve drastically, the story that drives it did, taking me along for a ride that I never saw coming," said Peter Brown. "In doing so, it opened my eyes to possibilities within the game that I never considered."

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