Superbike 2000: Yamaha YZF R7 OW02

Strap on your helmet, we're taking the Yamaha's factory YZF R7 out for a few laps.


We've been covering EA Sport's upcoming Superbike 2000 by test driving one of the game's six SBK bikes each day, and reporting on them in the news. So far we've looked at rides from Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Today's spotlight falls on the Yamaha Racing Team YZF R7 OW02.

Tossing the YZF around the corners of Laguna Seca proved to be a breeze thanks to the Yamaha's short wheelbase. At only 1395mm, the distance between the front and the rear tire on the YZF is one of the smallest among Superbike 2000's five other bikes - only Honda's RC45 is shorter. The YZF also has a suspension that is very responsive to rider tweaks, and you'll be able to feel any adjustments you make to the upside down Ohlins fork up front or the massive rear swing arm on the track immediately. Customizing the YZF's suspension is recommended, since the bike's stock setup is a bit loose, and the rear Michelin is constantly searching for more traction. Under even moderate throttle, the tail end of the Yamaha seems to come loose after every turn.

The YZF's signature exhaust is due to its unique 749cc inline four, which out puts over 170 horsepower and boasts five valves per cylinder, two for intake, and three for exhaust. This setup, while costly for the manufacturer, improves the engine's breathing capacity, allowing it to produce more torque throughout the power band. On the track, this means that the YZF accelerates out of corners faster and reaches its top speed quicker than most of the competition. Because of its small wheelbase, however, the Yamaha is very unstable at high speeds, and can only maintain a top speed of around 187mph.

Tomorrow we'll be wrapping up our Superbike 2000 coverage with a look at the last bike in the series, the Aprilia RSV 1000.

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