Superbike 2000: Suzuki GSX-R750

We take a look at Team Suzuki Alstare's factory ride in day two of our Bikes of Superbike 2000 coverage.


Yesterday we took a close look at the Ducati 996 SPS in EASports' upcoming Superbike 2000. We're continuing our coverage of this racing sim today by taking a look at the Suzuki Alstare GSX-R 750.

Based on the popular street-legal GSX-R power plant, the Alstare 750 produces 160 horses at a fairly high-strung 13,500rpm. While this 749cc engine accelerates quickly at high speeds, it tends to remain a bit sluggish in lower RPMs. Thankfully, the Suzuki is an extremely rev-happy bike, and a seasoned rider will be able to coax adequate torque throughout its entire power band.

When it comes to handling, the Suzuki is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it has the shortest wheel base of all six factory bikes in the SBK circuit and is a breeze to throw into and out of corners. Its braking, however, leaves something to be desired. The GSX-R 750 sports the same Brembo discs that the other bikes do, but the front calipers seem grossly underpowered and don't deliver enough stopping power under heavy braking.

Regardless, the bike is one of the easiest to ride, and its confidence-inspiring handling will make any novice rider feel like a pro. Be sure to take a look at the GSX-R 750's screenshot gallery up top, and tune in tomorrow for our look at the Castrol Honda RC45.

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