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Super7's New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures Will Take You Back To The 2000s

Get ready to return to the TMNT era that had the coolest intro music with these new Super7 collectible figures.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans can look forward to some cool collectibles soon, as Super7 has unveiled a new line of action figures inspired by the classic 2003 animated series. These seven-inch toys have an impressive amount of articulation, detailed sculpting, and they look like they've hopped straight out of the cartoon show. Each figure retails for $55 on Super7's website, and if you grab all four figures, you'll get free shipping. As another neat bonus, you'll also get additional heads based on the intro to the show.

Remember to watch out for Shredder!
Remember to watch out for Shredder!

The 2003 TMNT series was a big hit when it first debuted, running for 155 episodes across seven seasons. While it had a fun tone similar to the original 1987 animated show, this TMNT series also frequently explored darker themes, gritty action, and great character development.

For more collectible action figures, you can also check out Mondo's line of classic TMNT figures with a soft vinyl twist. These are reminiscent of the original '80s action figures, but with Japanese sofubi styling. They look pretty great, and the line is expanding with the most radical of skateboarding lizards, Mondo Gecko. If you'd prefer to collect some TMNT reading material instead, you can pick up 18 volumes of the excellent TMNT series by IDW Publishing in a Humble Bundle deal.

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