Super Street Fighter IV strikes April 27

North American release date for revamped version of Capcom fighter confirmed; European debut set for April 30.


Super Street Fighter IV

Last month, Capcom delayed Lost Planet 2, Monster Hunter Tri, and Super Street Fighter IV into its fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. Now the publisher has revealed it didn't push the titles very far into the year.

Adon is just one of the returning cast members for Super Street Fighter IV.
Adon is just one of the returning cast members for Super Street Fighter IV.

Capcom this week slated Monster Hunter Tri for an April release and in a Japanese press event confirmed Lost Planet to follow on May 18. It wrapped up the trifecta of release announcements by setting Super Street Fighter IV for April 27 in North America and April 30 in Europe.

Much like Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter IV takes a preexisting game, in this case Super Street Fighter IV, and remixes it primarily by adding new characters. Some of the new cast members have already been revealed, with Super II veterans T. Hawk and Dee Jay making their return to the series and Korean tae kwon do expert Juri appearing for the first time. Other familiar faces include Cody, Guy, and Adon from the Street Fighter Alpha series (and Final Fight, in the case of Cody and Guy).

In addition to extra fighters, Capcom's newest double-dip will feature new ultra combos for every character, enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more.

Capcom has also mentioned a bonus it would offer to gamers who purchased the original Street Fighter IV as well as its Super upgrade but has not specified what that would be. For more on Super Street Fighter IV, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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