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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition rated for Xbox 360

BBFC website hands down category 12 rating for latest update to Capcom's flagship fighting franchise, specifies June 24 release date.


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is one step closer to coming home. The British Board of Film Classification today gave the game a category 12 rating for the Xbox 360, and an expected release date of June 24.

Could Capcom be attempting the rare (and hard-to-execute) triple dip?
Could Capcom be attempting the rare (and hard-to-execute) triple dip?

The Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV includes four new characters. In addition to Street Fighter III veterans Yun and Yang, the game sees a demonic pair joining the roster in the form of Evil Ryu and an even eviler version of Akuma called Oni.

Last month, the game's producer Yoshinori Ono teased on Twitter that the game would be getting a home release and told eager fans to wait until Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition had launched in Europe and North America. That game debuted in both territories over the weekend, but Ono is no more forthcoming about the Arcade Edition's home release plans. In response to a fan's Twitter question about a North American Arcade Edition release today, Ono posted, "Could be wait it news soon…"

When asked for comment, a Capcom representative told GameSpot that the publisher has not made any announcements about a home release of the game.

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