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Super Smash Bros. Wii U Will Let You Use Your 3DS as a Controller

If you're really into playing Smash Bros. on your Nintendo 3DS, an image from the English version of the game indicates that you'll be able to use your handheld as a Wii U controller.

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We've spent some extensive time with a 3DS build of Super Smash Bros., and we recently came across one menu that seems to reveal a feature Nintendo hasn't talked about much: You'll be able to use your 3DS as a Smash Bros. controller on Wii U.

We already knew that the game featured connectivity with the Wii U version. Namely, you can transfer your custom-created fighters between the two versions (so all of the power-ups that you earn in Smash Run on 3DS aren't completely wasted once the console version comes out). But if you're really sold on the 3DS as a controller, or you just want to transfer your newfound handheld skills directly over to the big Screen, you'll also be able to connect your 3DS wirelessly to your Wii U and use your 3DS as your controller.

However, pro Smash players on Wii U will likely want to opt for the GameCube controller option. No word on whether there will be an adaptor that lets you play 3DS smash with a full controller, but given the small screen size, that probably wouldn't be the best idea anyway.

If you want to check out more Smash, we spent an hour playing through the game today, and you can watch our playthrough here. Or check out a montage of the main characters' Final Smash moves. We'll have lots more videos, and full rundowns on the game's unlockable characters next week.

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