Super Smash Bros. Wii U Releases in November -- Report

A preorder card from a retailer may have revealed the game's release date.


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A preorder card for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that surfaced online suggests that the game will release on November 21, 2014.

The card, a picture of which was posted online by Twitter user BluesDriveBuster, seems to have come from the American retail chain Fred Meyer, and looks authentic. The release date it lists also falls into Nintendo's official release window of winter 2014. Of course, the retailer could just have listed the wrong date by mistake, and we won't know for sure until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

If the release date is accurate, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will release a full month after the release of the 3DS version, which comes out October 3.

Yesterday, our time with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS also revealed that you'll be able to use Nintendo's handheld to connect to the Wii U and use it as a controller while playing the console version of the game.

If you want to check out more Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, we spent an hour playing through the game yesterday. You can watch our playthrough below, or check out a montage of the main characters' Final Smash moves. We'll have a lot more videos, and full rundowns on the game's unlockable characters next week.

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The black dude should have been the main talker. The gamespot guy was so confused by everything he said.

Avatar image for axaznguitony27

I've ask Fred Myer if super smash bros wiiu Nov 21st because it was leaked...

replied back: Hi Tony: Our buying team tells us the game will launch Nov. 21st, but we don't have the date confirmed from Nintendo yet. Sorry for any confusion!

i ask this on facebook

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Well, add this game and a Wii U to my list of "reasons why I am broke"

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

This would be awesome!

Avatar image for cboye18

DLC is a must for this game

Characters: Snake, Ice climbers, Isaac, King K Rool, Ridley

Stage: Pokefloats.

Avatar image for irnakkmuneer

@cboye18 Ice climbers was confirmed for the Wii U version only.

Avatar image for electrichobo99

Yes'm I reckon I'll have me some fun with this'n when I pick up either of the two new bundles dropping later this month. However, Genesis does what Nintendon't so we'll see if SSB can steal some of Sega's thunder. Was thinking about getting a Turbo Grafix 16 though, but they don't have as many sweet exclusives. Neo-Geo is out of the question, but I might get a Phillips CDi just to play that well-received Zelda game, even though Nintendo had nothing to do with it. I predict the 3DO will dominate this holiday season, there's already leaked Black Friday pricing making it an excellent purchase.

Avatar image for 93BlackHawk93

Now Ubisoft is going to blame the Wii U because of their stupid decision.

Avatar image for dragon7867

Now I'm not sure if I want to buy the game anymore because Nintendo fanboys are trying to ruin the game with force DLC characters because they now think the roster is $hit because Mewtwo isn't in it. Yeah,now Mega Man is a terrible character to them due to the lack of Mewtwo.

To think Nintendo might ruin the gameplay by forcing people to buy DLC characters just so they can make three Mewtwo fanboys happy. Wow. . . . .

And the fact that Nintendo fanboys are defending a shady business practice by practically claiming that Mario Kart 8 is a fighting game like Smash Bros. shows that they don't know what they're talking about.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


You know Nintendo doesn't listen to EVERYTHING Nintendo fanboys want right? They recognized that MarioKart 8 is a game that could greatly benefit from DLC without throwing off balance or feel like they're "cheating" people while Smash is a whole different story. The roster already has over 50 characters and tons of features, if people aren't happy, let them be miserable, Nintendo isn't going to risk their reputation over the cries of a few hundred crazy people.

Now if DLC characters are included, most likely they'll be free and automatically implemented through an update.

Avatar image for Poodger

@dragon7867 "Forcing people to buy DLC"... say what now? Forced? Are they threatening your life? I don't think so. Your game will play perfectly fine if you don't purchase the DLC. No one is "forcing" you to buy anything.

And adding DLC characters can only be a good thing. Anyone who fights against having more content is a moron.

Avatar image for dragon7867

Not surprising to see Nintendo fanboys tr0lling in defense of shady businesses practices like DLC characters. Only fanboy are in favor of ruining Nintendo's games.

Avatar image for Poodger

<< LINK REMOVED >> What are you talking about? Nothing you say makes any sense at all.

Avatar image for metallinatus

The same day as Watch_Dogs? lol

Screw Ubisoft, it was their decision to threat us as worthless....

Avatar image for YearoftheSnake5

Watch_Dogs or Super Smash Bros. Boy, oh boy, I wonder which one is going to sell more.

Avatar image for Javier

<< LINK REMOVED >> Buy both, it´s not as if you have a lot of options for the Wii U.

Avatar image for axaznguitony27

@Javier @YearoftheSnake5 um ill be playing zelda as well even though it comes out in 10 more days
.. not only that, mario kart 8 dlc comes out in november anyway

Avatar image for HPFreak623

This has been the release date I've been saying for the last year.

Avatar image for returnofsoma42

If this release date is true then good! I am so looking forward to Smash Bros. Wii U! Good thing my copy is already paid off!

Avatar image for Marcster1994

Well the 3DS version was supposed to release in Summer, ended up being October. So it makes sense they would say November.

Avatar image for returnofsoma42

<< LINK REMOVED >> Go hock your merchandise elsewhere!

Avatar image for canuckbiker

Go back to the shadows fowl fiend.

Avatar image for canuckbiker

Ha, I meant foul, I just called this spammer an evil bird. On second thought I kind of prefer that.

Avatar image for rickphoenixxx

I would HOPE this comes out before xmas, gotta get them sales Nintendo!

Avatar image for Gomtor


Avatar image for dark_princess29

stop releaseing games in october to november use December i hate game developers there so obessed with october and november

Avatar image for justinka777

<< LINK REMOVED >> well if your going to gift something for Christmas, it needs to be out before it comes around.

Avatar image for dark_princess29

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> theres over 200 games out in october and november combined

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That's because they all want to rush them out in time to capitalize on the holiday traffic. From a business point, it's the best time to release games because they'll sell better while at full price.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

It'll be hard to fight the pull of the SSB. But there's no Toad. I'm not sure what I'll do.

Avatar image for metallinatus

<< LINK REMOVED >> Dumb Super Smash Bros. and buy Watch_Dogs that day.... there is an unlockable cheat (not a DLC!!!!) where you play as Captain Toad.

Avatar image for RabidBurp


Play as Peach and spam Neutral B.

Avatar image for musalala

<< LINK REMOVED >> sucks to be you dude to be you :)

Avatar image for joe_b1_kenobi

Sweet. I'll be asking for this at Christmas, along with the PDP GameCube controller and an amiibo. Just don't know which to get first,it's either Kirby, yoshi or pikachu for me.

Avatar image for juiceman4519

Man SSB for Wii U's release date is like the best kept secret right now.

Avatar image for Poodger

This is also pretty fantastic timing if true. The district I teach at gets the following week off for fall break/thanksgiving break, so I can get plenty of game time in as soon as it comes out!

Avatar image for GH05T-666

I thought Super Smash Bros. would be out late November or early December.

They need something to help with Christmas Wii U sales!

All ready before Black Friday for the Brack Friday Bunduru

Avatar image for onesiphorus

I will wait for Nintendo's official confirmation as November 21st is not within the Holiday 2014 period but before it. It would be great if we receive the game before the holiday season starts.

Avatar image for Poodger

@onesiphorus Holiday season usually includes November. To be specific, the "Holiday Season" encompasses roughly mid-late November through the end of January, at least in most western countries.

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