Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Feature An Unexpected Character

Isabelle from Animal Crossing joins the roster.

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster continues to grow ahead of the game's release on Switch this December. During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed another new playable character making her debut in the upcoming fighter: Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

Like the Villager, Isabelle's moveset is derived from activities and items found in the Animal Crossing series. She can use a fishing rod and bug net to ensnare other players, and like Villager, she can pocket projectile attacks and send them back at your opponent. Her Final Smash is also similar to Villager's; when she grabs a Smash Ball, she can summon Tom Nook and his nephews to build a town hall around other players, which then blows up and launches them across the screen.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7. If you don't yet own the console, Nintendo also announced a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch bundle during the latest Direct. The bundle launches more than a month ahead of the game, on November 2, and includes a digital copy of Ultimate and a pair of Smash Bros.-themed Joy-Con controllers. The Switch dock is also adorned with Super Smash Bros. characters.

In addition to the new Smash Bros. Switch bundle, Nintendo will release its new line of GameCube controllers, as well as the GameCube controller adapter you'll need to have to use them with Switch, on November 2. The GameCube controllers retail for $30 each, while the adapter costs $20.

That wasn't the only Animal Crossing-related announcement to come out of the presentation. Nintendo also finally announced a Switch installment in the series. The company didn't share any more details about the game, other than it will arrive sometime in 2019.

September 2018 Nintendo Direct News

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Avatar image for heqteur

actually, that character was leaked like two months ago. That guy who's been leaking just about everything about Smash Ultimate had his leaked considered has rumors by most medias, but we gotta admit that he was right on, like 90% of everything he said and the extra 10% might/will mostly get revealed in the following weeks.

Avatar image for victordamazio

@heqteur: Vergeben has a history of guessing stuff right and wrong all the time, but he made many predictions about Smash Ultimate, but so far, none of then were wrong.

His predictions that still need confirmation, are:

- Minecraft content, doesn't need to be a playable fighter.

- Ken, as an Echo of Ryu.

- A Gen VII Pokémon, but it's not Decidueye, Lycanroc or Mimikyu, he got Mimikyu not playable right.

- New Square-Enix playable character, but he doesn't know who it is.

Avatar image for cboye18

Really? No Isaac from Golden Sun series? Or Captain Toad? Hell, even Banjo Kazooie would've been a better choice.

I wonder who give a crap about Animal Crossing anyways. Only Nintendo franchise I never understood the appeal.

Avatar image for thomaswmak

@cboye18: Golden Sun and Banjo Kazooie are both long dead and not first party IP.

Avatar image for doctor_mg

@cboye18: Animal Crossing is actually one of Nintendo's most popular franchises, so there are a lot of people who probably care about it.

Honestly, the Mario series/franchise has enough representation. I'm fine with Captain Toad not being in there.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

Fucking love Nintendo right now, keep doing things right!

Avatar image for Pyrosa

No slave-driver Tom?

That evil SOB...

Avatar image for ariel_g

She's too innocent for this cruel game

But I'm happy that she's in nonetheless

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

Toad! Toad! Toad!

Avatar image for freedom01

lol this was unexpected

Avatar image for soliaired50

I'll take her over any other sword users, especially from ToZ and FE, which just seems to be carbon copies of each other.

Avatar image for Poodger

Pretty meh, who cares about her. And she was expected. Probably an echo fighter.

Avatar image for texasgoldrush

@Poodger: No newcomer. Not an echo.

This may mean highly likely character Dixie Kong will be one as well.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

I'm gonna love this game

Avatar image for texasgoldrush

She was not unlikely, she had very good odds of getting in.

Avatar image for linkblade91

Random character is random? I don't think Animal Crossing really required a second character, but I could say that about a couple other people on the roster lel

Avatar image for texasgoldrush

@linkblade91: She isn't random, she has a good following, hence the reason why she is in smash.

Avatar image for linkblade91

@texasgoldrush: Fair to say, I suppose. I am coming from a position of not playing or caring about Animal Crossing, so I wouldn't know what kind of following she possesses.