Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Editions And Buying Guide (Nintendo Switch)

Ultimate fighting.

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Fans have waited a long time for it, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. This game features a massive roster of every character seen in the series to date--including Snake, Cloud, Metroid's Ridley, Castlevania's Simon Belmont, and Animal Crossing's Isabelle--among many others.

There are plenty of other reasons to be optimistic about the game as well. In our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review-in-progress, Edmond Tran wrote, "Ultimate's diverse content is compelling, its strong mechanics are refined, and the encompassing collection is simply superb." You can also watch every final smash in the game and take a look at all the Smash Bros. Ultimate accessories you may want to add to your collection.

If you're looking to purchase Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you've come to the right place. We've gathered all the information you need about the early bonuses, special editions, and pricing below.

Early Bonus

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If you buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the Nintendo Eshop or register your physical copy before January 31, 2019, you'll get Piranha Plant as a playable character (along with a stage and music tracks) for free. Piranha Plant will be added to the game in February, and will later be available to purchase as DLC.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition

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Nintendo has released a special edition of the game in the U.S. This version comes in a black steelbook case and is accompanied by a special Smash Bros.-themed Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you just want the Pro Controller, you can buy it here for $75.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Standard Edition

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Here's where you can grab your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and how much it costs.

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

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If you want a Switch that's decked out in Smash Bros. imagery, this is the item for you (provided you can beat the odds and find it in stock). It comes with a special edition Nintendo Switch console, as well as the game.

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Avatar image for heqteur

since the game already leaked and is already available in a non legitimate form, Nintendo should allow digital owner to play early. Just to give a kick in the nuts to those who hacked their way into the game.

Avatar image for xforbidden76x

I just played it on my coworkers Switch and wow is it fun! I never played before but see the draw to it. We unlocked like 10 characters in a short time. Boss was out of town haha

Avatar image for Chaloner11

Seriously they should change the release date.... December 7, 1941...

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

I pre-ordered this game before thid game was even a game. Fan loyalty.

Long live PS4 I mean Xbox.

Avatar image for ZombieVirolina

Happy Pearl Harbor Day!

Avatar image for Earthbound_X

So what about the new amiibo? Any dates on them?

Avatar image for DFBTG

Dang. No switch/smash bundle?

Avatar image for chakan2

@DFBTG: Yup, that's what I'm waiting for too. I want a SSB branded switch.

EDIT:'s on the way...

Avatar image for Smokin105

I'm probably in the minority but I would have really liked to see the single player / co-op side scrolling adventure mode back again. But for those that like the classic mode, this seems like a real treat. Hope you all have fun with it.

Avatar image for heqteur

the link for amazon is broken

Avatar image for TheEternalGamer

Correction: I got the best deal at Best Buy with my Gamer's Club Unlocked that is still good for another two years. $47.99 plus tax and the $10 gift certificate back after I pickup. Also, GCU was only $30 for two years when Amazon wants to charge you $120 a year now. Too bad Best Buy got rid of it for new customers.

Avatar image for Paulf001

So pre order guides are a thing now?

Avatar image for Kesmai

The amount of cash grab posts this time of year is astounding compared to past E3 timeframes.

Avatar image for ebola9717

I can't believe a "gaming journalism" site is encouraging people to pre-order a game before we even know what it is. Your true motives are laid bare and you should be ashamed.

Avatar image for Kesmai

@ebola9717: After E3 I will either be quitting this site or visiting it far less. And I've been coming here since the 90's.

Avatar image for TheEternalGamer

@ebola9717: It's more of an opportunistic approach for a business (that's what GameSpot is). This has everything to do with what GameSpot is about. Also, no one needs to know what this game is about except it is Smash Bros. 95% of the time, I would be in line with you telling people to wait. When it comes to pedigrees like this, you don't need to guess. You just know it's going to be a great game.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@ebola9717: they also did this with death stranding just a few days ago. the comments were not exactly welcoming lol... gamespot is trying to make a quick buck it seems. hell, we don't even know if the new smash will be a deluxe port of smash wii u (i still believe it will be) but we'll find out soon enough. agreed, the content on this website continues to worsen as time goes on. i don't even understand how gamespot does not have a weekly podcast or why they removed the lobby, one of the best weekly shows they ever had. what the hell is going on?