Super Smash Bros. Switch Launches In 2018, Nintendo Direct Reveals

Nintendo finally announces Smash for Switch.

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Nintendo teased that its Nintendo Direct event for March 2018 was done before sharing one last thing. It turned out to be the biggest and best news of all: Super Smash Bros. is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. And that's not all, as you won't have to wait all that long for it: Super Smash Bros. for Switch is coming in 2018, Nintendo announced by way of a cool teaser trailer. You can watch it above.

The trailer starts out by showing Inklings from the Splatoon series, who will apparently be new playable characters. We also see returning Smash characters like Mario and Link. You can bet that they will also show up in the game, and many more. The trailer also includes a tantalizing tease for what other characters may be in the game; you can see the silhouettes of these characters in the trailer still below. It appears like the likes of Samus, Donkey Kong, and Bowser may be in there, but it's hard to make out many of the specifics--though you can be sure that fans will try.

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As of yet, we don't know if this a new version of Super Smash Bros. Wii U or a brand-new game. If it is a port, it could follow the model of Mario Kart 8. The game was originally released on Wii U before coming to Switch in a Deluxe version that featured more content. Both the trailer and a subsequent press release remain ambiguous about what form this game will take.

Which characters do you want to see in Smash Bros. for Switch? Let us know in the comments below. For more on today's Nintendo Direct, check out GameSpot's roundup of all the Nintendo Direct news.

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Avatar image for EricShadow366

Called. It.

Though a 2018 release date seems unlikely, I see this game releasing next year.

A Delay is Definite.

Avatar image for ZombieVirolina

Bring back the story mode!

Avatar image for nintendians

i wonder about this version, hopefully it's not a re-port version of wii u and 3ds and put them together. with new skins.

Avatar image for brettsiebenhaar

I am more excited for Mario Tennis than I am Smash Bros.... Just saying.

Avatar image for Itzsfo0

@brettsiebenhaar: mario tennis will just be a "in the meantime" game for me...a coat-hanger till smash, it looks ok though. the previous entry wasnt that good but the gamecube version was good but to each their own. smash is a franchise and the competitive gaming scene & communities that will sprout up will be great to see...hell even the U version still is beating strong in 2016/2017. and its great to know Masahiro Sakurai is once again at the helm...prob will be his last Smash (then again he said that after 2014's release of Smash 4). would of been nice to have seen a bit more footage tho.

Avatar image for brettsiebenhaar

@Itzsfo0: I'm not hating on the game. I will more than likely get it. I haven't played Smash since the Wii version, I think it was Brawl. I had fun with it, but got tired of it after a while, but I am willing to try it again. I love the Switch, that's the only game console I own (wife says so!) I just love tennis in general, the one for the Wii U was terrible, but I did have the one on Gamecube many many years ago. I liked the reveal trailer for Smash. I thought Nintendo did it perfectly. They are probably saving footage until E3 when they do their direct thing there. Word is, its a new game and not a port!

Avatar image for Sound_Demon

Unpopular opinion: the selection of ports are good. Those who don't have a Wii U will find value in some games they've never had access to despite them being 2 years old. I hadn't played Bayonetta, Pokken and splatoon. I've also only missed DS1 of the series. I hope to play them once they're on sale.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@Sound_Demon: Honestly that's how most people feel. The vocal minority who complain about the ports are the 5 Wii U owners and try hard console war kiddies.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@Ohaidere: Even as a Wii U owner I'm on your side. I want Nintendo to port all the Wii U games to Switch, at least the ones I own, so I can get a Switch and lay down the Wii U in a trash can without any regrets.

Avatar image for clefdefa

Well Dah ??? It was obvious they would ... like they always did since the N64 the question was more, when... And now with Splatoon 2, it is a good enough serie that it could joint the brawl.

Avatar image for auralord17

You know what's confusing to me? How when I asked to put Goku in the series they said no because he has nothing to do with it. But, another guy asked about characters and Nintendo said they were open to any character suggestions even those that don't have anything to do with it.

Avatar image for ZombieVirolina


Poor wittle weeaboo...

Avatar image for bureichan

I want my precious Ice Climbers BACK!!

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

@bureichan: Complain about that all you want. I need my Melee version of link back plz

Avatar image for puckpuck85

The Switch has been out for A YEAR.

Avatar image for illegal_peanut

Smash, bros... On, switch?


Avatar image for EricShadow366

Alright kids, break it up. lol

Avatar image for xgalacticax

@og_gamerzzz: The ignorance, salt and butthurt are strong with you. In case you don’t get it, I’ll make it simple for someone with your mental age: games are for people to enjoy. This has nothing to do with whether a game has been released before on another console, to what age group it’s targeted or how good you think it’s graphics are.

Avatar image for hochstreck


As long as the game is cool and in its scale of production sufficent to its retail price, I'm very willed to buy a competent "rehash" at full price.

Having worked in the gaming industry for quite some time myself(as a programmer and effects-designer), I have to say that developing even an A-game(your typical major 3DS-game from Nintendo) got really expensive and comes at around 10 million $. So for a bigger project on a console, like the Switch or the Wii-U, you're very well in the range of 20 - 30 million(including marketing and distribution expenses).

So in short: Developers need to eat and companies(they have to maintain not only the budget for one game, but the whole logistics surounding a professional working place either) need to earn money in order to stay in the market, so cut them some slack!

And for the record: I'm really glad being able to play Hyrule Warriors, Cpt. Toad: Treasure Tracker and probably an HD-Remake of the Wii-Zelda(the only Zelda I have not played) on my Switch soon!

Avatar image for greebe55

@og_gamerzzz: guess i am a guilty party, i only buy nintendo consoles for old re hashes

Avatar image for seven7swords

@og_gamerzzz: What Switch game is $80 and is a port or 10 to 30 years old? If you are going to throw salt, at least do it with facts instead of lies and your own personal feelings. the Switch just came out a year ago. Every new console comes out with a slew of ports until 3rd party developers get comfortable with the system. Sony and Microsoft did the same thing in PS4's/Xbox One's first year and a half. But lie again and say Battlefield is "cutting edge" bro. Do you even know what that phrase means? How was Battlefield or Monster Hunter cutting edge? In sound design? Story? Graphics? Horizon: Zero Dawn looks better than both these games and while Monster Hunter World is a great game it is far from at the forefront of anything. And if you're referring to Star Wars Battlefront II, it sure as hell was at the cutting edge of pissing off the gaming community, I'll give you that.

The Switch is even more successful for Nintendo than the Wii because it allows you to play something like Skyrim anywhere you want; on a plane, on the toilet, on a long road trip. PS4 and Xbox One are great and powerful consoles but that is not reason to talk crap on the Switch, especially since the Switch is outpacing both consoles in sales because it does what those other two can't. And you evidence that the new Smash Bros is a port is just as weak as saying it's a new game. Nintendo didn't say it was a port and they didn't say it was a new game. They just said we will get it this year. You conjuture proves nothing. People can rightfully assume it's a new game because all Nintendo released was a teaser--hardly a trailer. Game companies release teasers all the time. So should we assume every teaser is an indication of a port? No, that's stupid. Especially since most trailers for ports clearly show it's a port by using old game play. It's more likely a new game because Link is shown in his Breath of the Wild model. It could very well be a port with a BotW skinned Link, but only Nintendo knows.

Avatar image for seven7swords

@og_gamerzzz: "the labo is 80 dollars and they're charging you that for cardboard" Dude, the Labo isn't a "Releasing old reissues for 80 dollars a pop for games that are 10- 30 years old" homie. You straight up lied. You are clearly talking out of your rear. First off, I was born in '87 and I make enough money to own a PS4 Pro, an XBox One, and I'll be buying a Switch. I couldn't care less about what console is better or sales more. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was ANNOUNCED AS A PORT! Pokken Tournament DX WAS ANNOUNCED AS A PORT! Hyrule Warriors for Switch was ANNOUNCED AS A PORT! Every port that hit the Switch was ANNOUNCED AS A PORT! So historical evidence shows you're most likely wrong. Nintendo has historically announced up front if a game is a port with every game as recents as Bayonetta 2 for Switch. This new Smash Bros came with a teaser. That's it. They did not say it was a port. So chances are greater that it is a new entry in the series.

You still have zero evidence that the new Smash Bros is a port of the Wii U version rather than a new entry in the series.

Avatar image for mintek11

@og_gamerzzz: I love this guy in full damage control mode.

Also, (i) the 2018 copyright date at the end of the video, (ii) the absence of Bandai Namco (who developed Smash Bros. 4) next to that copyright notice, (iii) the new Smash Bros. title logo, (iv) the presence of brand new characters, (v) the working title in Nintendo's press release, and (vi) the recent tweet from Sakurai that he has been working on this game in secret for some time point pretty definitively to this being a new Smash Bros.

Avatar image for mintek11

@og_gamerzzz: No I am a litigator who specializes in copyright law. Which is why I cited the copyright date, not the “2018” release date. Read my comment again and respond with some intelligence (if you’re capable of it).

Avatar image for ricardo_tuba

@og_gamerzzz: Haven't you heard? The console war is over. Nintendo won. Go home, hater.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@og_gamerzzz: Fastest selling console ever in the US, even beat PS4's first year.

Avatar image for pongman75

Y'all remember Nintendo cereal? It was a Captain Crunch knockoff. The commercial was ridiculous. I used to mail in Proofs of Purchases and get free issues of Nintendo Power. Good times

Avatar image for rglgathrawn

For all those who are determined to hate on Nintendo for porting yet another game: Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that it's not a port. Although I wonder where all this hate was for Sony when they ported Last of Us to the PS4 so soon after the PS3. Same with FF 10 HD. And Resident Evil has been ported to more systems than Pac-Man at this point. At least Nintendo has an excuse, very few people bought the Wii U and so for many, this will be a new experience. Plus, almost all the ports have been enhanced versions with new features so it's not just a carbon copy. And hey, keep em coming...then I can sell my Wii U and clear up some space.

Avatar image for bobbo888

@rglgathrawn: the problem is that most of the games are ports. your comparisons don't work. SONY didn't port ff10, square enix did. which resident evil? it sounds like you're an angry nintendo fan boy. their excuse is that their console sucked so they should port all the games off this bad console to the new one? hmmm.

Avatar image for fuchikoma

@rglgathrawn: where did Sakurai confirm its not a port? I just checked twitter, Resetera, and a couple other places and nobody else has mentioned it.

Avatar image for mcnichoj

@fuchikoma: He said something along the lines of "I've been working on this game in secret and I can't talk about it." and every other port during the Direct they didn't hide the name and they came right out and said they were ports. Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS was a port, Mario & Luigi is an enhanced port, Captain Toad was a port.

Avatar image for fuchikoma

@mcnichoj: That's not Sakurai saying "hey this isn't a port". He could have been working in secret adding in more content to the port since there's obviously more characters.

As to why they didn't say this was a port or a new game during the direct- it was obviously to get us all talking about it.... and it worked.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Totally ok with a rerelease so long as they rebalance Bayonetta and Cloud, and dump a bunch of new characters in. Some new features/modes would be great too.

Thought the WiiU version was great so iterating on that is fine with me.

Avatar image for TrueLink

@Richardthe3rd: Were they OP or UP?

Avatar image for mcnichoj

@TrueLink: Both were OP, Bayonetta being close to broken.