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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review Roundup

Nintendo's beloved fighting series arrives on handheld for the first time, but does it fit?

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One week ahead of its US and Europe release on October 3, the embargo for Super Smash Bros 3DS reviews has lifted, with most critics largely in agreement on the game's quality.

Smash Bros. 3DS marks the first time the popular Nintendo series has appeared on a handheld, and some critics, including GameSpot's, have suggested that the condensed control layout could be an issue.

Below is a selection of scores and comments from other critics. For more, check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

GameSpot -- 8/10

"I found so much raw joy in my time with Super Smash Bros. 3DS. And even though I played to the point where I was literally in pain, I didn't have to keep playing Smash Bros. 3DS. I wanted to." - Daniel Starkey [Full review]

Joystiq -- 4.5/5

"While there are definite areas where Nintendo could improve on Super Smash Bros. in an inevitable sequel, this is the most feature-complete, compelling Super Smash Bros. entry to date. It stands right alongside Fire Emblem: Awakening and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as a game that every 3DS owner should play. Even if you can't find a smooth online match, the wealth of single-player and local multiplayer options will keep Super Smash Bros. fresh for months to come, and that's even before you consider the numerous unlockable characters, trophies, items, and any potential DLC the developers might have planned." - Earnest Cavalli [Full Review]

Eurogamer -- 7/10

"The outlandish animations continue to delight as the hours pass, and the extraordinarily generous drip-feed of new items, stages, modes, and characters will draw you back in over and over again. This is a lovingly made game, filled with the fruits of hard and caring labour. But it is also a game built on undeniably weak foundations. Anyone who's pulled off Nagare Namikawa's synchronised swimming finishing move in the Rival Schools series or played the Sega Saturn's Pocket Fighter will know that humour and irreverence can be elegantly combined with sturdy fighting mechanics. Super Smash Bros. manages only the humour. Away from the communal focus of the television screen, it's a much weaker joke." - Simon Parkin [Full Review]

GamesBeat -- 97/100

"You can never tell how great a fighting game will really be until the public has time to master it, but Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has everything it needs to finally get the competitive community to move on from Melee. The new characters are excellent, and the gameplay is smooth, fast, and exciting. Even if you’re a more casual Smash fan, you'll love everything that the 3DS version offers. It's a perfect handheld iteration of one of Nintendo's greatest franchises." - Mike Minotti [Full Review]

IGN -- 88/100

"The first handheld installment of the excellent Super Smash Bros. series lives up to incredibly high standards. Like its console siblings, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS elegantly packages decades of Nintendo’s best video game mascots into a pick-up-and-play portable game. But the real surprise here is the diverse modes of play that've kept me playing feverishly for days." - Jose Otero [Full Review]

VideoGamer -- 9/10

"Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is certainly a surprise package. Packing a substantial amount of content and the same fantastic gameplay as its home console siblings, it gives the forthcoming Wii U version an awful lot to live up to." - Brett Phipps [Full Review]

A list of additional scores from other publications can be found below:

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