Super Smash Bros 3DS Hits One Million Sales in Two Days

Combined retail and download sales makes Smash Bros the fourth 3DS game to hit a million in Japan after just one weekend.

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Super Smash Bros for 3DS has surpassed the one million sales mark during its first two days on sale in Japan, Nintendo has revealed.

That makes it the forth 3DS game to hit the sales milestone in Nintendo's homeland after two days, following Monster Hunter 4, Pokemon X+Y, and local favourite Yokai Watch 2.

Nintendo says it has calculated both digital and retail sales to arrive at the million figure.

Fans of the popular Nintendo brawler eagerly await the Super smash Bros Wii U release date, though the latest evidence points to a late November launch. The console version will also be playable with a 3DS fashioned as a controller.

Ahead of the game's release, fans with early copies began to stream the Smash Bros 3DS full roster of characters.

For Europe and the US, the handheld version ships on October 3.

See below for a gallery of our favourite Smash 3DS images released so far.

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