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Super Robot Wars hits GameCube this year in Japan

Banpresto's all-star mecha strategy title will launch on December 16; limited-edition Famicom Mini title planned.


TOKYO--According to retailers in Japan, Banpresto will release Super Robot Taisen GC for the Nintendo GameCube on December 16. The game will be priced at 8,190 yen ($74). The series of strategy RPGs is quite popular in Japan, featuring famous robots from various mecha anime, such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Raijin-Oh.

Nintendo and Banpresto are planning an enticing promotion to go alongside the game's release--the companies will give away free, limited-edition Famicom Mini cartridges for the Game Boy Advance, featuring the classic title Dai-2-ji Super Robot Taisen. The cartridges will be distributed to Club Nintendo members who register their copy of the GameCube game online; this means that only residents of Japan can get their hands on the title.

Super Robot Taisen GC features a unique addition to the series' battle system, allowing players to hit certain parts of the enemy's body for different effects. For example, if you're fighting against a mech that can do special attacks by using its head, you can blast its head to stop the attacks. The same can be done with mechs that have weapons on other parts of their bodies, such as on their arms, and against weapons like cannons attached to battleships.

Super Robot Taisen GC is not expected to be released in the US.

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