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Super-Rare NES Game Sold for $35,100

[UPDATE] Auction for Stadium Events concludes with a final bid of $35,100.

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[UPDATE 4] Bidding for Stadium Events has finished, with the final bid sitting at $35,100.

[UPDATE 3] The high bid for Stadium Events has dropped to $32,252, suggesting the earlier bids of close to $100,000 were fraudulent. In addition, bidding is now only open to pre-approved buyers.

[UPDATE 2] Now, after more than 80 individual bids from collectors, the eBay price has reached $100,000.

[UPDATE 1] After 19 bids from 14 different bidders, the eBay auction for ultra-rare NES game Stadium Events has now reached $40,300. We also spoke with the seller, who answered some of our questions.

You've had Stadium Events since the '90s, so why sell now?

"Felt it was the right time to sell this item."

Did you consider donating it to Nintendo for their archival purposes?

"I worked for Nintendo for 22 years and do not believe they have any interest in having this game.....they are welcome to bid on it if they do want it!"

How did you come to own this copy of Stadium Events?

"While working at Nintendo games are often available to employees at end of life cycles.

I did not realize the value until 2011, when a story came out about this game being sold on eBay for $44,000. I told my wife 'I know I have that game.' I collect a lot of different items, so after looking through several boxes I found it! Since I was still working for Nintendo I could not sell this item for profit, which is a smart company policy. When I left in 2012, it was possible for me to sell this game."

The original story is below.

Just days after it came online, an eBay auction for ultra-rare NES game Stadium Events has reached about the price of a new car. Bidding opened on January 5 at $5,000 and quickly rose to where it sits today at $22,100. A total of nine people have submitted bids so far.

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The game, which saw a very limited release in 1987 and was paired with the short-lived Family Fun Fitness pad, is considered one of the first exercise games. It's incredibly rare on its own, but adding to the appeal of this auction is the fact that the copy remains factory sealed.

On top of that, the seller says the game--which is in excellent condition--has been verified by the Video Game Authority, a group that grades and authenticates older games. It's also housed in an "archival" case that protects it from UV rays, ensuring its preservation for years to come.

Writing on the auction page, the seller says they used to work at Nintendo and have had the game since the 1990s. We've reached out to the seller, asking for more details about the auction, which officially ends January 15.

This isn't the first time Stadium Events has showed up on eBay. In 2010, a factory sealed copy of the game sold for an incredible $41,300, according to a report from Kotaku. It's also not the only Stadium Events game now on eBay, though it appears to be the only factory sealed copy.

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