Super-Rare E.T. Games Sell For $1,500+

Copies of the failed Atari 2600 game dug out of a landfill are fetching huge prices on eBay.

Would you pay $1,500 for this?
Would you pay $1,500 for this?

The online auctions for copies of failed movie tie-in game E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial recovered from a New Mexico landfill earlier this year have ended, with winning bids in some cases exceeding $1,500.

The games are damaged potentially not even in working order. Nevertheless, they are pieces of gaming history, and that fact no doubt drove the bidding to what you might consider to be absurd levels for games dug out of a landfill. You can see all the auctions and ending prices here.

The city of Alamogordo, through the Tularosa Basin Historical Society, put a total of 100 games dug out of the landfill on eBay just last week (via Polygon). In addition to E.T., games such as Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command were put on sale through the popular auction side.

Every game sold comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a property tag. Also included is a pamphlet with photos from 1983 and the dig earlier this year.

In addition to the auction, Alamogordo is giving away copies of the excavated games to museums around the world. A deeper dive into the Atari landfill dig will be chronicled in upcoming documentary Atari: Game Over, which was produced by Xbox and will debut on November 20.

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