Super Nintendo World Website Revealed In Apparent Leak

A Twitter user discovered a Vimeo page with videos which appears to show off Super Nintendo World's website, which have since been removed.


Many Nintendo fans have been waiting with bated breath to see what the upcoming Super Nintendo World attraction area at Universal Studios Japan might look like. Well, a Twitter user who describes themselves as a "Tom and Jerry enthusiast" has uncovered some videos that were definitely not intended for public consumption, but reveal some details of the Nintendo-themed area ahead of time.

These leaked videos appear to show off the upcoming website for Super Nintendo World, including a rough map and several bird's-eye view shots of its layout. The site shows several different attractions, including a Mario Kart-themed ride and something called Yoshi's Adventure. Several images of park-goers enjoying the Mario Kart ride were also included in the footage, lending credence to its legitimacy.

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As previously reported, the opening of Super Nintendo World has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, though the plan is still for the area to open by the end of the year. Similar Nintendo-themed parks are slated to come to Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood, though they may include slightly different attractions.

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