Super Nintendo World Japan's Opening Delayed Due To COVID

The park's new date will be announced once the state of emergency in Osaka is lifted.


Super Nintendo World was originally scheduled to open at Universal Studios Japan in just a few weeks, but the continued threat of the COVID pandemic has forced plans to change. The theme park's opening has been delayed indefinitely, so you'll have to wait to hang out with Mario and eat mushroom-flavored popcorn.

"After careful consideration of all aspects of the current situation, Universal Studios Japan is postponing the grand opening of its new Super Nintendo World until after the state of emergency for Osaka prefecture, issued yesterday, is lifted," Universal Studios said in a statement.

The park added that it will be announcing the new opening date once the state of emergency has lifted, but it remains to be seen when that will be. Osaka is experiencing one of the largest spikes of new infections in the entire country.

Just last month, "Mario's dad" Shigeru Miyamoto took us on a virtual tour of the park, showing off some of its Easter eggs and attractions, as well as the restaurant. Using a special wristband, you'll be able to physically hit "?" blocks to gain coins, and there are other secrets tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the park. You even have to time some of the hits, such as when a Koopa shell is going into a warp pipe. And you'll want to watch out for the dangerous Bobombs that can explode when you get too close.

Rides include an AR-enabled Mario Kart race, and you'll even see paintings from Super Mario 64 on some of the walls. Just don't try to jump into them, as you will hurt yourself.

Several international locations are planned for Super Nintendo World if you can't head to Japan. These include Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando locations in the United States as well as a Singapore location. They won't have the exact same attractions. This should encourage the most dedicated fans to plan trips to multiple spots.

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