Super Nintendo World Is Now Open, And New Videos Will Let You Experience It Digitally

Wanna explore Nintendo's new theme park from home? Check out these videos.


Universal Japan's Super Nintendo World has soft-launched in Osaka, and with it has come a pretty extensive playlist from the Universal Parks News Today YouTube channel of videos showing off Super Nintendo World's rides, restaurants, stores, and other secrets. There's tons to see, even if you can't make it to the park in person quite yet.

Through the videos from Universal Parks News Today, anyone can get a glimpse of what Super Nintendo World is like. The park itself has been gamified, with each park-goer receiving a wearable wristband that works in conjunction with a mobile app to take the experience up a notch. Using these bracelets and the app, visitors can explore the park and solve various puzzles to snag digital keys to unlock special attractions and other collectibles like virtual coins and stamps. There's even a leaderboard for the visitors who earn the most points across the whole day or for specific rides.

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With three keys in hand, attendees can take on Bowser Jr. in an AR duel at one of the attractions. To do so, players have to make their way through a recreation of Bowser's castle, complete with Bowser family photos and various Mushroom Kingdom graffiti on the walls, to a screen where Bowser Jr. and his cronies are ready to do their worst. Players then have to use their bodies to avoid attacks, swinging their arms to bat away Bob-ombs, ducking to dodge incoming Bullet Bills, and jumping to hit Question Blocks for power-ups. Combining all these movements, it's time to take on Bowser Jr. and his gang to reclaim the Golden Mushroom for the good guys.

If you want a closer look at what is in the park, the Universal Park News Today channel also has videos that allow viewers to experience a full POV of different rides in the park like Koopa's Challenge, and even what it's like to wait in line for them. Or if you want a more atmospheric look at Super Nintendo World, there's a video that shows off the experience of simply walking around and checking out the sights.

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