Super monkeys, rubbing rabbits coming to US DSes

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll and The Rub Rabbits! will be published by Sega in North America, Europe.


The European and American branches of Sega today announced they will be bringing two games previously announced in Japan to their respective audiences.

The Super Monkey Ball franchise will make its DS debut in Europe and America in March 2006. The game, titled Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll, was announced in Japan in early September.

Touch & Roll sees simians in spheres rolling around 10 worlds and 50 stages in the single-player campaign mode. Players can steer their monkeys toward the goal of each level with either the stylus or the control pad. Multiplayer modes feature several minigames, including racing, bowling, hockey, and golf.

Sega will also be publishing the sequel to Feel the Magic, titled The Rub Rabbits. The game was announced in Japan in July, and it will flirt with European and American gamers in February. Sonic Team, Sega's internal development house, is working on the game.

Like its predecessor, The Rub Rabbits! is all about getting some, and it features characters that look like they jumped out of an iPod advertisement. Except instead of romancing the girl with dinner dates and trips to Make-Out Point, gamers will engage in ridiculous acts of devotion, using the DS's touch screen or microphone.

Both games are awaiting pricing and rating information. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of both Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll and The Rub Rabbits!

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