Super Monkey Ball bounces onto 300,000 iPhones

Sega's simian puzzler proves a hit on Apple's all-in-one handheld, reports the <i>Wall Street Journal</i>.


No Caption Provided Even before the iPhone App Store launched, enthusiasm for its gaming potential was high. EA announced it was developing a version of Spore for Apple's all-in-one handheld, and id Software's John Carmack expressed his intent to develop for the multitasking, touch-sensitive device. After resigning his post at Electronic Arts in June, former EALA chief Neil Young founded a new company dedicated exclusively to iPhone game development.

Now, one month after the iPhone App Store launched, there is proof positive that iPhone games can be profitable. Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Super Monkey Ball has sold 300,000 copies on the iPhone in just four weeks. At $9.99, the game has now grossed just shy of $3 million.

"That's a substantial business," Sega of America president Simon Jeffery told the WSJ. "It gives iPhone a justifiable claim to being a viable gaming platform." The financial daily said that Sega and other game developers were "surprised" by the popularity of their platforms.

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