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Super Monday Night Combat set for PC debut

Uber Entertainment's freemium follow-up to class-based third-person shooter revealed; new classes, maps, modes among the planned changes.


It has been barely a year since Monday Night Combat burst onto the scene as an Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade game, but the developers at Uber Entertainment are already ready for round two. As reported by Kotaku, Uber Entertainment is readying Super Monday Night Combat for an initial PC release on Steam late this year or early next.

Super Monday Night Combat will feature a new visual style.
Super Monday Night Combat will feature a new visual style.

The debut platform isn't the only thing new for Super Monday Night Combat; Uber Entertainment is changing the game to a freemium business model, so players will be able to play for free, with some content locked away for purchase. Anticipating skepticism over the business model, the developer has said that players will also be able to earn "the vast majority" of the purchasable items by playing the game instead of spending money.

As for what's new for Super Monday Night Combat, Uber is adding new character classes, uniforms, gear, maps, game modes, and more. The developers are hoping to place a greater emphasis on strategic team play, with generally less lethal weapons and skills. The game will also tweak some of the basic rules, as teams will now have five players each instead of six.

Uber has not ruled out an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 launch for Super Monday Night Combat, but the type of freemium business model it is built on has yet to be embraced on either system. An open beta is set to kick off soon after this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington.

For more on the original Monday Night Combat, check out GameSpot's review.

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