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Super Mega Baseball 4 Announced, Includes Real Players Like David Ortiz And Babe Ruth

The next entry in the whimsical baseball series has been officially announced, and it's coming soon.


EA Sports has officially announced Super Mega Baseball 4, and it sounds like it's changing things up in a big way for the humorous and lighthearted baseball series.

Super Mega Baseball 4 is now a licensed game, featuring more than 200 real-life baseball players. Retired Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is on the cover, and the roster also includes baseball legends like Jose Bautista, Babe Ruth, and Hank Aaron. These real-life players will hit the field alongside a roster of fictional characters. The game doesn't appear to have the MLB license, however, so don't expect to play as the Red Sox or Yankees or see real-world stadiums.

Super Mega Baseball 4 has six new stadiums and a series of "top community-requested features," EA said. The game promises the "most significant presentation upgrade" in the series so far. Take a look at the announcement trailer above to get a closer look.

The game includes Exhibition, Franchise, Pennant Race, Season, and Online Leagues modes, as well as a "team chemistry" system to give players the ability to strategically assemble a roster. There are also quality-of-life updates like automatic walks and runners, two-way players, and customizable free agent pools, among other features like new camera angles, cutscene animations, and lighting updates for every stadium. There is also new crowd audio and voiceover, and a soundtrack that features both licensed and original music.

Super Mega Baseball 4 launches June 2 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Cross-play is supported between platforms. Everyone who buys the Ballpark Edition gets three-day early access (except on Switch) and three more stadiums. Metalhead, the EA-owned developer of the previous Super Mega Baseball games, returns to create this newest installment.

Super Mega Baseball 4 will not have microtransactions, Metalhead previously confirmed, though the developer will offer paid DLC.

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