Super Meat Boy sells 1M, Bastion surpasses 500,000

Team Meat's bloody platformer reaches platinum status since 2010 launch; Supergiant's action RPG surges past half a million in sales.


As 2012 kicks off, the breakthrough indie gaming hits of 2010 and 2011 have reached some significant sales milestones.

More than a year later and still unspoiled.
More than a year later and still unspoiled.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat said today that its throwback platformer has sold more than 1 million units since launching in October 2010. In addition, Bastion-maker Supergiant Games recently revealed that its summer 2011-launched action role-playing game has surged past 500,000 units sold.

Team Meat took to Twitter today to reveal the new statistic for its bloody platformer, saying, "Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past [sic] the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY." Super Meat Boy--independently developed by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes--debuted on the Xbox 360 as part of Microsoft's Game Feast promotion and was released a month later for the PC and Mac.

As for Bastion, Supergiant creative director (and former GameSpot editor-in-chief) Greg Kasavin declared sales of more than 500,000 units for the title on the game's official blog late last week. Kasavin said that holiday sales from Steam and the Xbox Live Arcade helped push Bastion past the half-million mark for the Xbox 360 and PC iterations of the title combined. What's more, Kasavin said such strong sales of Bastion--the studio's first game--put the developer "in a position to make more games on our own terms."

For more on both titles, check out GameSpot's reviews of Super Meat Boy and Bastion.

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