Super Meat Boy level editor is served

Team Meat launches free creation tool for PC version of platformer, promises "there won't ever be a Super Meat Boy 2."


Super Meat Boy's shelf life is apparently just about up. Team Meat today released a free level editor for the PC version of the game, in the process saying it would not be making a sequel to the game.

Is this the end of Super Meat Boy? (Yes. Yes it is.)
Is this the end of Super Meat Boy? (Yes. Yes it is.)

Now available to download through Steam, the Super Meat Boy level editor is flexible enough that users can re-create any level in the game (outside of boss levels and warp zones), as well as share their creations with other players. They will also be able to make their own playable chapters with set par times and vote on each other's efforts.

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 version of the game will not be receiving the level editor. As Team Meat's Edmund McMillen explained, "We can't legally do a non-regulated editor on XBLA, but we will try to continue to upload new chapters to XBLA via the Internets."

In announcing the level editor's launch, McMillen indicated the developer would be washing its hands of the game shortly. There is one more minor update planned for Super Meat Boy and a port to the Mac, and after that, Team Meat will "hand the reigns [sic] to the SMB community and retire [Super Meat Boy]."

McMillen said he and fellow Team Meat member Tommy Refenes will then set to work on their second game, which will definitely not be a direct sequel. Although Team Meat has previously expressed reservations about the idea of a sequel, McMillen left little room for interpretation in stating flatly, "There won't ever be a Super Meat Boy 2."

Released last year on the Xbox 360 and PC, Super Meat Boy was named GameSpot's Best Downloadable Console Game of 2010 for its precise controls and demanding-yet-doable difficulty. For more, check out GameSpot's review of Super Meat Boy.

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