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Super Meat Boy headed for mobile?

Team Meat is considering reworking indie hit Super Meat Boy for mobile devices; plans are to make "a reenvisioning of SMB made from scratch for touch[screen]".


Independent game developers Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes--also known as Team Meat--found critical and commercial success with the launch of platformer Super Meat Boy on Xbox Live Arcade in October 2010, reaching the milestone of more than 1 million units sold earlier this year.

Super Meat Boy…on mobile?
Super Meat Boy…on mobile?

Now, after launching the game on both the PC and Mac, Team Meat is ready to expand. Using their official Twitter account today, McMillen and Refenes revealed that they are working on a prototype of Super Meat Boy for "touch" devices.

Through a series of tweets about the announcement, Team Meat revealed that the prototype will not play like Super Meat Boy but will be reimagined from scratch for touch-screen devices. Talking about what the game will actually look like, Team Meat revealed that the prototype will be more akin to traditional games, rather than "simple" mobile games.

"It wont be a simple game like Doodle Jump--it will be a larger, more traditional game. It won't control like Super Meat Boy. We promise you we won't make a game with s***y touch controls."

McMillen and Refenes also tweeted that if the prototype doesn't work out, the team will move on to the next idea.

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