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Super Meat Boy dev unveils new game

Mew-Genics the next official project from Team Meat; will be "randomly generated, strange, and involve cats"; Super Meat Boy: The Game for iOS now "on hold."


Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has unveiled its next game. Writing on the company blog, Edmund McMillen announced Mew-Genics, the two-man studio's next official project.

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Details are light on the game, but McMillen said it will be "randomly generated, strange, and involve cats." He added that Mew-Genics is the strangest project he has ever worked on.

Mew-Genics is a result of a game jam Team Meat founders McMillen and Tommy Refenes held one weekend in September. McMillen said development is "moving quite fast," with more information and screenshots coming "soon."

McMillen assured fans holding out for Super Meat: The Game for iOS devices that the game is still in development, but it has been placed "on hold" until the company releases Mew-Genics.

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