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Super Mario Run's Free Gift Available Now

Nintendo's gift of 10 Rally Tickets should be available now.


To celebrate Super Mario Run's 50 million download milestone, Nintendo is giving everyone a gift. This comes in the form of 10 Rally Tickets for the Toad Rally mode. "We hope everyone will enjoy the fun of the Toad Rally," reads a message that went out today.

The free Rally Tickets were announced on December 23 when Nintendo confirmed the 50 million download milestone. The gift should actually be available now in the game.

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Super Mario Run was released on December 15, which means it has reached to 50 million downloads mark in just over a week. It racked up 40 million downloads in its first four days.

The game is free to download, but only a limited selection of levels are playable until you purchase it for $10. Importantly, Nintendo has not released information on how many players have spent money on Super Mario Run.

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