Super Mario Run Launches Early On Android

Mario makes his Android debut.

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A day ahead of its expected release on Android devices, Super Mario Run is out now.

Originally released in December for iOS devices, Nintendo finally announced an Android release date of March 23 last week. It's instead now available for download from Google Play, at least in the US.

This is version 2.0.0 of the game, which is also now out on iOS. It adds new Yoshi colors, allows more of the game to be played for free, and introduces new buildings, among other things.

Super Mario Run is, in Nintendo's parlance, a free-to-start game. You're able to play a limited selection of content for free before being asked to fork over $10, which unlocks the full game. As of December, Nintendo had no plans to release additional paid content.

Beyond that $10 price, there are no microtransactions, as is the case with Nintendo's other mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, which employs a more traditional free-to-play model.

If you're on Android, you'll need to be running at least version 4.2 to play Super Mario Run. For an idea of what to expect, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for pork7

I'm surprised this is not a bigger story. It's basically Nintendo slowly moving toward being a 3rd party software maker. Was this just insurance in case the Switch flopped?

Does anyone remember Mario and Zelda on the CD-I? Those were terrible.

Avatar image for BlendThree

@pork7: good call. Those games were perhaps the best known examples of Nintendo allowing another publisher access to some of their marquee licenses, but it isn't the only time. Some may remember Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine for the NES, SNES and PC. Those were actually developed by Mindscape.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@BlendThree: Holy crap, Marios time machine on my Packerd Bell 486dx 66 Mhz cpu! Ha, good times.

Avatar image for BlendThree

@joshrmeyer: lol loved my Packard Bell. Specs like those would set you back a solid $1500. Then I think I picked up a brand new decent laptop a month back for $160. How the times have changed!

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@BlendThree: I think that's exactly what my parents spent on it! It is amazing growing up in the computer age. MicroSD cards still blow my mind... soon to release a 2tb card that's the size of your pinky nail! I couldn't even fathom that back in the day.

Avatar image for BlendThree

@joshrmeyer: It's so true- everything keeps getting smaller, faster and (thankfully) much more affordable. Having been there from the beginning really offers an appreciation for it all.

Avatar image for lucidique

Picked it up this morning. Solid release. Makes me glad i may not have to pick up a 400$CAD console to play these games from time to time!

Avatar image for balders74

I was Excited for this and downloaded this morning. Uninstalled 5 mins later dull and boring half of time it does not jump how i want so a bit shit (might be my screen protector). Hope it comes to switch instead as i don't like playing games on my phones small screen, but then i think the mechanics are crap so don't think it does anything for me. Mario Odyssey better not be this shit.

Avatar image for Phazevariance

@balders74: This is a mobile game, not a full fledged 'new super mario' game that I think you were expecting. Odyssey won't be like this at all, and I sure hope this does not come to the switch.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Surprisingly modest app permissions... Almost no personal info privs apart from what Google implicitly collects.

Avatar image for Dack_Lancer

ummm pirate ?

Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

If this game was 3 dollars, I wouldn't mind buying and I am sure a lot of others would agree but $10 is just such a steep freaking price tag for just 20 some odd levels and no new content. There's a reason it caused the company's stock to drop. It's simply too expensive for what you get and what you get isn't much.

Avatar image for liquidlearner

@69ingChimpmunks: Well worth $10. If this had been a regular mobile game it would have been F2P and you'd be able to do 5 rally runs every 2 hours while you wait for stamina to recharge. I got probably 30 hours out of it so far and still occasionally play a few rally runs or go back trying to get black coins in various levels. Is it a great Mario game? Maybe not. Is it a great mobile game? Absolutely. And $10... Well, it's only $10. Guess I'll skip a breakfast at Starbucks.

Avatar image for KevComesRipping

@69ingChimpmunks: When the game first came out I spent about 2 months going through the main story, competing with a couple friends for the best rally scores, and trying to complete the coin challenges for every level. 2 months of play is easily worth $10 to me, if I could spend $60 a year and be fully entertained with mobile gaming, I would. In a heartbeat.

Avatar image for heqteur

@69ingChimpmunks: the thing is, the game is more than "just 20 some odd levels". Besides, putting the entire game as the only responsible for Nitnendo's stock to drop is pure ignorance. Many things are affecting a company's stock and that, even on a day like a game release. And besides again, the game is a total success even if only looking at the number of people who bought it.

Avatar image for iandizion713

Android bout to be blessed with excellence. Enjoy.

Avatar image for angrycreep

The update should have added new levels but it didn't. I thought that they could have done so much more with this game and instead they opted to do a quickie and this is the end resort.