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Super Mario Run Brings in $30 Million From 90 Million Downloads - Report

New report claims to have fresh insight into how the mobile game is faring.


According to a new report, Nintendo's Mario auto-runner, Super Mario Run, has reached around 90 million downloads since its launch in the middle of December.

Citing data from Newzoo, The Wall Street Journal reports that the game has brought in more than $30 million in revenue. This suggests that around 3 million people have paid the $10 to unlock all of its content. Unlike many other mobile games, Super Mario Run does not offer any further microtransactions. Additionally, Nintendo has no plans to sell extra content for the game in the future.

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Officially, Nintendo announced last month that Super Mario Run racked up 40 million downloads in its first four days and 50 million after just over a week. Nintendo has never said how much money the game has brought in and it wouldn't be surprising if the company never officially disclosed this.

Nintendo's share value took a hit after the launch of Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is currently only available for iOS devices. It's coming to Android in 2017 and people with a supported device can pre-register now.

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