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Super Mario Party Release Date And US Buying Guide

Mario Party redux.


If you're a Switch owner who enjoys multiplayer games, there's a good chance you have your eye on Super Mario Party. The game launched on October 5, and you can read our Super Mario Party review to help decide whether to buy it. It's a four-player digital board game that comes with 80 mini-games you'll get to play as your characters advance across the onscreen game board. The mini-games have you use the Joy-Cons in creative ways, often involving motion controls.

The mini-games come in a number of varieties. Some are free-for-alls, in which all players compete against each other. Some are two-on-two, so you'll have to team up with one opponent to clobber the others. Other mini-games pit three players against one for asymmetrical multiplayer madness. And for the first time in the series, some of the mini-games will let you go online to play against other players around the world.

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Super Mario Party also comes with Toad's Rec Room, a set of four mini-games designed to be played when you have two Switches on hand. You and your friends can remove the Joy-Cons from both Switches and put the two screens together to form one bigger play area. One of the Rec Room mini-games is a banana puzzle that times how quickly you can rotate the screens to create a single image. Another has each player control a tank in a level whose layout and shape is determined by how you decide to place the Switch screens side-by-side.

If you're ready to pre-order Super Mario Party, here's the information you'll need to get the best deal.

Buy Super Mario Party

Nintendo is doing a no-frills launch for Super Mario Party, so it only comes in a single edition, with no physical or digital extras to go with it. You'll get the best deal at Newegg, where you can save a whopping $2 compared to other retailers. Hey, that's enough to get something from the dollar menu.

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