Super Mario Odyssey's Hat Possession Ability Modded Into Super Mario 64

Hat beats everything.


We got a look at Super Mario Odyssey last week at E3 2017, and one of the biggest reveals was that Mario will be able to throw his hat at creatures and objects to possess them. For instance, you can take control of a Goomba, which will subsequently grow a mustache and wear Mario's hat. But one coder decided that, because they can't get a Switch and Odyssey is still a long way off, they would mod the ability into Super Mario 64.

User Kaze Emanuar somehow managed to put together a working mod for the game only a few days after the E3 reveal. You can see one of the first versions running in the video here; from this look, it seems to do everything you'd expect. It even lets you possess birds and fly around the castle.

Since its first release, Kaze Emanuar has continued updating it. In the latest version, Mario can control basically anything, including power-up blocks and environmental objects. It's even more absurd than the first version, and it's pretty awesome. The latest version's trailer is embedded above.

Always be cautious about downloading user-created content, but you can grab the mod here; you'll need a Super Mario 64 emulator to install it. It's a pretty cool implementation of the ability, although I'm guessing Nintendo's not thrilled that it was hacked into one of its old games that quickly.

As for Super Mario Odyssey, it launches on October 27 and supports two-player local co-op. We've got gameplay impressions from E3 here, and you can watch a demo of it here.

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"Tank beats EVERYTHING!"-- Halo 3 Campaign

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things they do.

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watch nintendo take it down

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@biggamerdude: How would they do that?

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@HOLYSHMUCK: i dont know

they just


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You can always count on Gamespot to blatantly promote copyright infringement and piracy lol

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@barbarossa213: I wonder when will they tell us that Breath of the wild is fully playable on PC

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@zura_janai: I'm around 95% sure they did do an article when it first happened, but I can't seem to find it. I'd hate to think my dreams have become so mundane that imagined it lol

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They told him he could be anything, so he became a box.

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So, random guy copied an idea, pasted it onto an existing game. Gamespot praises him for that, makes an article about it.

I have never been more bored with modders than now.

Ya, ya. Downvote or whatever. I will just keep on snoring.

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Apparently not 'possess' but 'capture' :|

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@definer0: I don't understand this comment. Care to elaborate?

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Nintendo made a statement saying that Mario isn't "possessing" items, likely due to negative religious implications of the word "possess".

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@doctor_mg: Oh. I still think possess is more appropriate, but noted! Thank you.

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@asnakeneverdies: I do too, but Nintendo doesn't like any negative implications on their titles lol.

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It seems the actual object is moved. That's the mesh along with its behavioral properties, so that it regains normal functionality once abandoned by the player, just like you would expect. Pretty cool!

EDIT: If I remember correctly, enemies in Super Mario 64 can't move too far from their spawn points without getting destroyed. I don't think Bob-omb Buddies have spawn points since they're just glorified signposts. That might be one of the reasons why extensive enemy control wasn't showcased here. Still pretty cool.