Super Mario Odyssey With GTA Physics Is a Painful Sight to Behold

Super Mario Odyssey with realistic physics doesn't end so well for Mario.


One strange part of the Super Mario Odyssey reveal trailer was the opening segment, where Mario travels to a city with human characters in it. He skillfully swings from lightposts and vaults between buildings. But what if he wasn't so adept and the physics were more realistic? A silly video from YouTuber CrowbCat imagines what that would look like--and it's a sight to behold.

"Mario discovers the real world but it isn't as fun as he thought it'd be," reads a line from the video's description. Watch in horror (or amusement) in the video below as Mario navigates Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City and gets hit by a car, falls off a building, flies a helicopter, and visits a strip club. This being a GTA video, there is some choice language and partial nudity, so be aware of that.

CrowbCat used a number of GTA IV mods for this creation--you can see a rundown of them in the video's description on YouTube.

Super Mario Odyssey's NYC-like city is just one of the levels in the game. The reveal trailer showed that Mario will also travel desert- and forest-themed worlds, as well as a trippy-looking, polygonal world featuring sentient forks. The game launches this holiday for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Odyssey is on the "core side;" he likened the game in that respect to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine and not the Super Mario Galaxy series, which he said was a more accessible extension of the series.

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