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Super Mario Odyssey E3 2017 Trailer Recreated Using Dark Souls 3

Super Mario Souls 3.


Super Mario Odyssey already got modded into Super Mario 64, and now the game has received quite a different makeover. A determined fan has recreated the Super Mario Odyssey trailer from E3 2017 in Dark Souls III.

You read that right: the gritty, dark, and brutal action game was used to make a video paralleling Odyssey's trailer. There couldn't be two more different games, and because of that, the video is hilarious. Check it out below, from user JellyElite~ and originally reported by Polygon.

The creator used a Mario hat mod, which you can download yourself through the link in the description of the video. You can also see the original trailer here.

Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27 for Nintendo Switch. We learned a lot about the game at E3, and you can read our impressions here. The game includes local multiplayer where one player controls Mario's hat; it also does not have game over screens.

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