Super Mario Maker Used in Marriage Proposal to Girlfriend

She said yes!


We've seen people propose during a Destiny livestream, in the middle of a Mischief Makers speedrun, and with a video game they created specifically for that purpose. Now, we've seen a man propose to his girlfriend with a level he created in Super Mario Maker.

The YouTube video, uploaded by user Retro Shanerator, starts with Shane's girlfriend making her way through the level as he lends a few words of advice along the way. Eventually, she comes across blocks that spell her name, and... well, you can watch the video below to see what happens next--spoiler, he proposes.

The video has reached over 170,000 views and was picked up by Ellen DeGeneres (via EW). Shane wrote a post on Facebook that featured pictures of some creative things for the ring to sit on, including a Super Mushroom, inside Pixar's Wall-E robot, and in the hands of a stormtrooper. You can read the post in full here.

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