Super Mario Maker Update Addresses the 9-Day Wait for Item Unlocks

Nintendo dials back the waiting period.


Super Mario Maker launches on Wii U today, and those picking it up may not be subjected to the long, nine-day wait to unlock all of its building tools they were expecting.

As previously announced, Super Mario Maker's level editor doesn't offer all of its tools right out of the gate. Instead, by playing for at least five minutes, you'll unlock new tools the following day. This occurs over the course of nine days, meaning it'll take more than a week to get access to everything--and that's assuming you're able to put in those five minutes every single day. (It could be much longer if you can't play daily or don't resort to changing your system's date.)

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While this system apparently remains in place, there is now an alternative, faster route for unlocking everything. According to a NeoGAF post, a new patch has been released which, among other things, states, "Condition(s) for increasing the amount of usable parts (in the level editor) were added."

The exact mechanics for how new content is unlocked remain unclear. Multiple players claim they've unlocked the content you would have had to wait a day to get after waiting between 15 minutes and two hours. NeoGAF member Cbajd5 suggests placing a lot of items (such as blocks) into a level, which should prompt a notification about the unlocked content. Despite the message indicating it will be there the following day, it's actually made available after a short wait.

We've contacted Nintendo to get an official explanation for exactly what requirements need to be met in order to unlock new content, but it hasn't yet offered an answer. We'll update this story with any details it shares.

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