Super Mario Maker on 3DS Is Only Playable in 2D

When Super Mario Maker comes to the 3DS, it won't feature any 3D capability.


Super Mario Maker is coming to 3DS this holiday, but it won't allow you to send and share levels over the internet, a key feature from last year's Wii U version. Now, according to box art seen on EB Games' website, Super Mario Maker on 3DS won't be playable in 3D.

This isn't the first 3DS game to not be playable in 3D. Both Retro City Rampage: DX and Pokemon Art Academy only play in 2D, and the Pokemon series on 3DS only displays in 3D during battles. However, with Super Mario Maker for 3DS already missing key features, such as not supporting all Wii U levels and not featuring the Mystery Mushroom, the lack of 3D support makes it sound even more like a ramshackle version of the game on Wii U.

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Super Mario Maker releases for 3DS on December 2. Despite not including some of the Wii U's features, it allows players to share levels through StreetPass and build collaboratively by sending work-in-progress courses to other users.

Super Mario Maker scored a 9/10 in GameSpot's review and was a contender for Game of the Year. Critic Justin Haywald said, "The first time I discovered that not only could I make a giant, flame-spewing piranha plant, but I could also make it fly, I cackled with horrible glee at the possibilities. And for the first time in a creation-focused experience, I look forward to returning again and again for more than just the amazing levels I know other people will create. I want to keep making my own levels better. The game won't necessarily turn you into the next Shigeru Miyamoto, but you can almost feel a little bit of that magic rubbing off every time you upload a new creation."

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