Super Mario Galaxy Rated for Wii U

The 2007 Wii game might be getting a re-release.


Nintendo platformer Super Mario Galaxy has been rated for release on Wii U by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, suggesting the acclaimed 2007 Wii game may be headed to the Virtual Console.

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The ESRB listing was spotted by Nintendo Life (via VideoGamer). Super Mario Galaxy launched for Wii U through the Virtual Console earlier this year in Japan.

Sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 is currently available worldwide through the Virtual Console. It sells for $20. It was a simple port of the game, not a HD remake; the same could be true for the first game.

Nintendo has yet to officially announce Super Mario Galaxy for Wii U. GamSpot has followed up with the company in an attempt to get more details.

GameSpot's Super Mario Galaxy review scored the game a 9.5/10. "If ever there ever a must-own Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy is it," our reviewer said at the time.

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