Super Mario Bros. Movie's Synopsis, Posters Possibly Leak Early

Get a better look at Princess Peach before the newest trailer for the animated films arrives.


Nintendo and Illumination plan to release a new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie later today. But VideoGamesChronicle spotted that possible promotional material for the film has surfaced early on Twitter.

The posters--allegedly first popping up on 4chan--provide a closer look at the main cast, including Princess Peach, who was notably missing in the first Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer. The Twitter thread adds that "she can do anything." On top of that, there's a humorous phrase for Toad too, stating, "I fear nothing." Another intriguing aspect to the leak is the size chart for the film. Koopa Troopa, for instance, almost stands the same height as Mario.

The leaked assets allegedly also detail the synopsis for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Supposedly, Mario and Luigi are owners of a Brooklyn plumbing business that's seen better days. Unsurprisingly, they find themselves somehow in the Mushroom Kingdom on a collision course with Bowser.

Several of the images have been removed already because of copyright claims. That may lead credence that these are official.

We’ll have a better sense of whether these images are the real deal at 2 PM PT when Nintendo premieres the second trailer for the movie. Previously, Anya Taylor-Joy discussed how excited her friends are about her playing Peach in the film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will hit theaters April 7.

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