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Super Mario Bros. Movie Deleted Scene Shows Brothers Facing Greatest Nemesis: Other Plumbers

A new scene is part of 15 minutes of unseen footage.


The 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie is a classically infamous example of video game movies gone wrong, but it still has a place as a historical curiosity. The Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive has been documenting this oddity and happened to recently discover an extended cut of the film, complete with extra footage. The fan site recently uploaded the first of these hidden treasures to YouTube.

The scene takes place before Mario and Luigi go on their wild journey into Dinohattan, while the two are just down-on-their-luck plumbers from Brooklyn. They go to the Riverfront Cafe for a job, only to find their competition already in the building. Doug and Mike Scapelli are insisting that fixing a broken dishwasher is a two-day job, but the always-honest Mario tries to let the owner know that it should only take a couple of hours. They end up losing the job but getting a free meal from the restaurant.

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The fan site had previously documented the existence of this scene based on material found in the novelization and trading cards. This new footage confirms the existence of the scene, but serves as the first time the community has actually scene it. The site discovered a trove of deleted scenes by obtaining a VHS tape once owned by the film's producer, Roland Joffe. This scene is part of a number of deleted scenes that the archive is exploring, totaling about 15 minutes of new footage.

Nintendo has partnered with Illumination Entertainment to bring a new Mario feature film to theaters. That movie is planned to release around 2022, and will be produced by creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Illumination is the animation studio behind films like Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets.

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