Super Mario Advance 4 Impressions

Mario's classic NES adventure gets a face-lift and goes portable.


We checked out the latest entry in the Super Mario Advance series for the Game Boy Advance, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, at E3. As the title indicates, the game is based on Mario's classic NES adventure Super Mario Bros. 3. The game will also feature the extra gameplay modes found in the previous entries in the Super Mario Advance series.

The core game is basically a conversion of the Super Mario. Bros. 3 found in the Super Mario All-Stars compilation released for the SNES in the early '90s. The graphics feature a higher level of detail than in the NES game, thanks to bigger sprites and enhanced color. The game's sound has also been improved with the addition of voice samples for Mario. The gameplay remains untouched and perfectly re-creates the feel of the landmark platformer. The control is spot-on, whether Mario is adventuring in his normal outfit or wearing the various suits available in the game, which give him enhanced abilities such as flight.

In addition to Super Mario Bros. 3, the game will feature two extra gameplay modes. Like every entry of the Super Mario Advance series to date, Super Mario Advance 4 will feature a Mario Bros. minigame. You'll be able to play the game with up to four other players using link cable and any of the Mario Advance games. While the minigame is now old hat for the Mario Advance games, the second mode is a pleasant surprise that should add replay value to the game. Super Mario Advance 4 will include e-Reader support for a special series of cards that will be released for the game. The cards will open up new levels and features that will add new challenges to the classic game.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario bros. 3 is currently slated to ship this fall.

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