Super Mario Advance 4 E3 2003 Preshow Report

The newest GBA Super Mario game will use Super Mario Bros. 3 as its base.


After a very long wait, anxious gamers will finally get to play Super Mario Bros. 3 on their Game Boy Advances in the form of Super Mario Advance 4, due out on September 14. Super Mario Bros. 3 is widely hailed as the best Mario game ever made, so this should make handheld gamers very happy.

Super Mario Bros. 3 was the first Mario game to let you use a large number of different power-ups. The raccoon suit could let you fly for a brief period, while the frog suit let you jump farther and swim better. It was also the first game to pit you against Bowser's unruly children. The GBA version will contain a few enhancements to the original game, such as e-Reader options that will unlock new levels and features. Like all the other Mario Advance games, the fourth installment will also contain the original Mario Bros., which you can play solo or with friends.

Look for more info on Super Mario Advance 4 soon.

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