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Super Mario 64x4 E3 2004 Hands-On

Mario comes to the DS in classic N64 form.


As previously reported, Super Mario 64x4 is an updated version of the classic Nintendo platformer that has been rebuilt for multiplayer action on the new Nintendo DS. The multiplayer game is essentially a hunt for stars, with a new star appearing every time a player collects one. Once time runs out, the winner is the player with the most stars.

But 64x4 will have a single-player mode as well, which looks more like a remake of the original Super Mario 64 so far. But you'll still be able to take control of the game's four different characters in single-player mode. You can switch characters at will by tapping icons on the DS' lower, touch-sensitive screen. This certainly has the potential to allow for deeper, multicharacter puzzle-solving, but none of that was really displayed in the brief demo. Additionally, all four of the game's characters seemed to control and handle identically.

Control-wise, 64x4 does a good job of duplicating the original game's control, even without access to an analog joystick. The DS shoulder buttons are used to rotate the camera, and the system's Y button is used to sprint. It works pretty well, and controlling Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi is a breeze.

All told, Mario 64x4 seems like an interesting game, but it's difficult to tell from the short playable demo Nintendo is presenting. No release date for Super Mario 64x4 has been announced at this time.

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