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Super Mario 64 mod adds co-op

Mario's Nintendo 64 single-player adventure modded to allow playable second character.


Super Mario 64 released in 1996 as a single-player-only adventure. And while the game will officially remain a one-player affair, modder Skelux has provided a glimpse at what the iconic game could have looked like with two-player support.

"It's a me…err…us…Mario!"

A video of the Super Mario 64 hack in action is available below, which shows Mario venturing through Princess Peach's castle and its paintings alongside another Mario character. The mod is available only through a PC emulator version of Super Mario 64.

This is the first time multiplayer has been added to the original Super Mario 64, but it is not a first for the series. November 2004's Super Mario 64 DS included a four-player competitive multiplayer component, as well as a suite of minigames.

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