Super Mario 64 DS Impressions

The 3D platformer that started it all is going portable this November with some brand new twists.


Super Mario 64

Originally displayed back at E3 in May, Nintendo has announced that the newly-renamed port of Super Mario 64, now called Super Mario 64 DS, will hit stores on the same day as the Nintendo DS. Some further details have also been revealed about its gameplay.

The game's main mode appears to be adventure mode, which is a slightly retooled take on the original N64 platformer. The key difference here appears to be that you'll start out playing as Yoshi, who begins the game up on the roof of the castle. Yoshi is only one of the four playable characters, and each will have unique moves. Yoshi will be able to eat enemies and convert them into throwable eggs. Mario appears to retain his Super Mario 64 moveset, so he'll be able to punch, kick, and wall jump. Luigi, of course, can jump higher than the rest of the gang. And Wario will be able to break specific blocks. The game sounds like it will be slightly retooled so that each character will be useful in specific situations.

Aside from the adventure, Super Mario 64 DS will also contain a bevy of touch screen minigames. Additionally, the game will have a four-player versus mode. Like many of Nintendo's GBA releases, you'll be able to play 64 DS's multiplayer mode using only one copy of the game.

Super Mario 64 DS will be in stores on November 21. Look for more details on the game soon.

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