Super Bowl 53 Will Use Augmented Reality, 115 Total Cameras

Super Bowl LIII promises a number of technical innovations for the broadcast.


Super Bowl LIII is coming up soon, and now CBS--which is GameSpot's parent company--has announced some of the technological advancements it is planning to broadcast this year's big game.

Perhaps the most exciting advancement is the use of "augmented reality graphics." In a first for a live sporting event broadcast, Super Bowl LIII will have camera operators working with a "live, wireless handheld camera" that will show augmented reality graphics, as well as "up-close camera tracking" on the field.

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This promises to deliver new perspectives and angles, as well as field-level views.

In total, CBS will use 115 different camera for the Super Bowl LIII broadcast, including 14 dedicated to virtual graphics. This includes four featuring augmented reality, one of which is the "SkyCam" that flies overhead. The other 10 are being deployed to support "trackable first-down-line technology."

The Super Bowl LIII broadcast on CBS will also make use of multiple 8K camera that promise a better look a pivotal plays. There will also be 16 4K cameras and nine Sony 4800 cameras placed around the stadium to provide even more unique camera angles. These cameras are also capable of "super slow-motion," while they can also zoom in with only minimal affect on resolution, which could come in handy for close calls.

What's more, CBS is putting more than 25 camera on each endzone, including 14 inside the endzone pylons on each side of the field for a total of 28.

In other Super Bowl LIII news, it was recently confirmed that Maroon 5 will headline the halftime show, with Big Boi and Travis Scott also set to appearing as supporting acts.

Super Bowl LIII takes place on Sunday, February 3, from Atlanta, Georgia. You can watch the game on TV or stream it through

For more on Super Bowl LIII, check out CBS Sports' Super Bowl hub. You can also stream more CBS content through the new CBS All Access streaming package.

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