Sunset Overdrive teaser site introduces its world and characters

Insomniac's Xbox One exclusive open-world game releases later this year.


Sunset Overdrive
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A teaser website for Xbox One exclusive open-world game Sunset Overdrive has gone live. It masquerades as a promotional website for an energy drink, OverCharge Delirium XT, that exists in the game's world, but provides us with some details about Sunset's world and characters.

The website describes how OverCharge's fictitious maker, Fizzco, was founded in 2007 by Rupert F. Kane. OverCharge is just the company's latest project; 20 billion cans of its biggest drink, UNTZ, are consumed every day in this futuristic world. A huge version of the company's mascot, Fizzie, can be seen floating above the city in last year's trailer.

As you'd expect, it looks as if Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games will be promoting the game at a number of events this year. The website refers to four Sunset City Launch Parties where people will be able to get their first taste of OverCharge. The events are spread over three months, the first on June 9 in Los Angeles, followed by July 26 in San Diego, August 13 in Cologne, and August 30 in Seattle--dates that happen to coincide with E3, San Diego Comic-Con, Gamescom, and PAX Prime, respectively.

"Guest appearances" are also advertised for the events, introducing us to six characters (and the game's sense of humor) in the process. They are as follows:

  • Chet Fisher - Fizzco Executive Chet Fischer, will answer questions and accept praise for OverCharge. His genial persona is well-received by mass market consumers.
  • Wendy Tarth - Last-living blacksmith, Wendy Tarth, will be crafting a suit of armor from OverCharge cans, as well as endowing kids with (small, but efficient) swords.
  • Troop Master Bryllcream - Our back-up plan, Troop Master Bryllcream, will be in the parade and teaching kids about leaves and stuff. The bouncy castle/ fire pit fell through.
  • Buck National - Buck National, famed host of the hunting show "Buck National vs. The Animal Kingdom," will be signing copies of his special, "Buck National vs. Healthcare."
  • Mayor Arnold Renner - Mayor Renner will be shotgunning the first honorary can of OverCharge of the evening. Please note: he won't kiss babies anymore since "The Incident."
  • Red Caboos Reggie - Sunset City's favorite hobo to ignore, Red Caboose Reggie, will croon the OverCharge jingle and endorse the quality of its can. They're worth 7 cents each.

The website doesn't reveal much else, only showcasing a few of the other brands that exist in Sunset Overdrive's world and further refining the type of humor we may see in the game. The fine print, in particular, is full of jokes, including threats to those who would use anything located on the site and a clause that users are not allowed to browse the site with more than 13 tabs open in their browser.

Little about Sunset Overdrive's story is known, but we have heard previously about the "Incident" referred to in the mayor's biography before; it refers to an unspecified catastrophic event that has resulted in the game world being overrun with mutants.

Sunset Overdrive was first revealed during last year's E3. It's an Xbox One exclusive--making it Insomniac's first-ever Microsoft exclusive--that features single- and multiplayer modes (but no co-op campaign). The game is scheduled for release at some point in 2014.

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