Sun-woo 'Infiltration' Lee as well as Daigo Umehara featured in Ultra Street Fighter IV trailer on Times Square

A huge advert for Ultra Street Fighter IV is currently being played at Times Square, and features some of the game's greatest ever players.


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With USF4's release mere months away, Capcom are pushing the release of their new title fighting game hard, and debuted a new trailer for the game in Times Square. The trailer was showcased by Capcom's Digital Media Specialist Neidel 'Haunts' Crisan on his instagram profile. The advertisment features short snippets of FGC events, as well as the focused gazes of the aforementioned Infiltration and Daigo.

With SSF4 being the industry standard fighting game for the past four years, the possibilities and implication of USF4's five new characters as well as the entirely re-balanced gameplay will undoubtedly be massive. The buzz currently circulating the new version could hardly be any larger.

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