Summoners War: Sky Arena Adds New Battle Angel Monster

Summoners War: Sky Arena has introduced a new monster.


Com2uS, the studio behind the massively popular RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena, has introduced a new monster to the game. Players can now add the Battle Angel to their rooster as a part of the latest update.

"Battle Angel" will introduce a new chapter in Summoners War: Sky Arena. The Battle Angel is a new monster from the future that attacks from all angles using all five elements: fire, water, wind, light, and dark. And while utilizing each element, players can use different skills. Summoners War will have a Special Summon event that runs until July 13, and players who participate will have a high chance of unlocking the Battle Angel.

Below are changes that'll be happening to the game alongside the Battle Angel update:

  • Monster Evolution Improvements - An autofill function has been added that finds Monsters with suitable conditions for evolution among the Monsters that have been won and then registers them in the slots at once. The autofill function is exposed when there are Monsters that meet the evolution condition (Monster with Mx. Lv). Players can also specify the tab to the location where the Monsters that they want to automatically select are stored through the Monster Storage Menu.
  • Quality of Life Updates - A repurchase button has been added to the repeat battle screen so players can repurchase the Runes and Artifacts of a specific grade or above. These Runes/Artifacts are 5-6 Star Hero+ Runes and Hero+ Artifacts, and players can repurchase them with the same amount of Mana Stones obtained by selling them.
  • Exclusive Theme for Summer - It's summertime everywhere, and now players can experience the fun of the season in Summoners War: Sky Arena when they activate the theme through Game Settings > Options > Others.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and PC.

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